Helen Kohl is a German sculptor and installation artist based in Oxford, with a keen interest in poetic writing and philosophy, and a background in biology and education. Her work spans a wide range of different mediums, from more traditional materials and techniques, such as casting and glass work, to writing, performance, and multi-media installations. These installations often incorporate less conventional elements like temperature, water, wax, or light.

The artist describes her practice as a poetic observation of life inside and around her, emphasising tactile and emotional thinking. Her work intertwines the history, symbolism, and qualities of materials, exploring their meaning in contemporary society as well as their relation to us as visceral, bodily beings in space. In response to what Donna Haraway describes as Troubled Times, Helen Kohl’s work emphasises what Ursula Le Guin would call the life story — the subtle, often unnoticed sensations of life itself that are embedded in moments, materials, and history.