Untitled (Elements of the Intimacene), 2023

Performative Objects (porcelain, water, wool, warmth, words)

Installed at The Glass Tank (May 2023) as part of Metanoia - Oxford Brookes BA Fine Art Degree Show 2023;
and Modern Art Oxford (September 2023) as part of The Platform Graduate Award 2023.

The Intimacene [Anthropocene + Intimacy]
The idea of the intimacene originates from Donna Haraway’s proposal for Staying with the Trouble. In troubled times, instead of retreating into nostalgia or relying on a better future, the feminist philosopher proposes a shift in perspective by accepting the complexity and uncertainty of the present moment. This idea is diffracted with Ursula Le Guin’s concept of The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction in which she disputes the idea that the spear was the earliest human tool, proposing instead that it was the receptacle: the sling, the shell, the gourd, leading later to the carrier bag. The intimacene can be thought of as both a vessel and a moment, which inspires a way of being in the world that prioritises intimacy and tranquillity. A space that can cultivate a deeper sense of connection to the world around us, each other, and oneself, that conjures the kind of compassionate action necessary to create a more equitable future.