Human Funnels, Vessel Beings, ongoing

ongoing series of sculptural work

(porcelain, natural rubber, recycled glass, stoneware, stool)
Human Funnels, Vessel Beings (2023) is an ongoing series of sculptural work. The series explores post-human feminist theory, challenging the notion of the human as an idealised, almost god-like construct that society strives to attain. Instead, it envisions the human as a vessel entity with myriad channels connecting to this enigmatic world - not exerting control, but rather responding to both tangible and intangible sensations absorbed by our funnels that accumulate within us as vessel beings. The work contextualises the human within the broader tapestry of society, community, and nature, presenting a more authentic portrayal of human existence - one that liberates us from the burden of striving for unattainable perfection, allowing for a more compassionate connection with ourselves, one another, and the world around us.